Bicycle Safety Rodeo Presented by Trantolo & Trantolo

Trantolo & Trantolo, in partnership with the Bridgeport Police Department, hosted their second Bicycle Safety Rodeo at Geraldine Claytor School in Bridgeport on Wednesday, June 13th. Officers fitted 85 bicycle helmets for young riders at the event and Shortbus Bicycles sponsored safety checks.

The goal of “Heads Up For Safety” is to reduce the number of youth head injuries and trips to the emergency room for not wearing a bicycle helmet while on two wheels.

“Working together we are hopeful of distributing and fitting more than 1,000 free bike helmets to Bridgeport kids and hopefully we can start cutting down the number of youth bike injuries occurring in Bridgeport,” said Keith Trantolo of Trantolo & Trantolo.

helmet fitting

Officer Mike Sigrist helmet fitting one of 85 young riders.

bike safety check

Erienne Murphy of Shortbus Biycles doing bike safety checks.

safety obstacle course

Young riders participating in a safety obstacle course.